News and Events

This page lists events and other activities which will be taking place over the coming months. Regular weekly playing sessions and coaching times are shown separately on the weekly timetable. The dates and results of team matches are listed separately.

New Summer Holiday Tennis Membership for £45

Have you ever wanted to try tennis for a few months with the family without having to join for a full year?

Try our new Family Membership for £45 which provides you with access to the courts from 1st July to 5th September.

Download: Summer Family Membership

New Committee Appointments

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At the AGM in April 2017, the current Chairman and Treasurer stepped down after a number of years service. The Committee is pleased to announce that Andy Gray will assume the role of Chairman and Carole Bankes that of Treasurer. In addition, Matthew Cartwright was duly elected to the Committee during the AGM.

The Committee meets approximately six times per year with some matters addressed via email, depending on the importance to maximise efficiency as well as our volunteers time.

Please note that after refurbishing Courts 3 & 4, members will need the code to access the courts

After the expenditure to Courts 3 & 4 the Committee have decided to place a numerical lock on the courts to protect them from unauthorised use and accidental damage. Each member of the club has been emailed the combination to access the courts and the Committee ask members to ensure the gate is locked once play has finished.

Thank you very much for your co-operation and if you require access to the courts and haven't received the combination, then please contact any member of the Committee who will help. Thank you.