BLTC Newsletter: Autumn 2007


Chairman's Comments

As you can see this autumn newsletter is in a different format as our usual editor has recently moved and was not in a position to produce a newsletter at this time. In order to get the tournament entry forms to members and to explain changes to club night social sessions the committee decided to publish this shortened version.

It has been a disappointing season particularly regarding club night attendance. This has been a major point of discussion at recent committee meetings. We hope that the proposed changes will improve attendance, but to do that we do need your support. I have often stated that the club sessions were the backbone of the club without which, the overall package of membership would not be so inviting, so please give it a go and help us to keep the social sessions active throughout the winter months.

My thanks to all committee members for their continued help this year and if you are interested in joining the committee please contact me.

Club Tournament

The club tournament will be run from November to March and along the same lines as last year. It will be open to all members who feel they are able to play 3 set matches. This means that juniors can join in the singles and also partner up with a friend or parent in the doubles. If numbers allow the tournaments will be a knock out format with the team players being entered later in the rounds. The losers from the first round will be put through to a plate tournament where they will play a knock out against similar losers meaning everyone plays at least two matches. To enable this to happen it is important to get a good number of entries so don't be afraid to enter we will try and do our best to seed it fairly. Obviously if numbers are low then we will have to revert to a round-robin format. The finals weekend will be March 15th/16th 2008. If you enter and get through to the final and you are unable to play then the lucky loser of your previous match will take your place. There will be no concessions. Please complete the enclosed entry form and return it with your money as soon as possible.

Club Night Sessions

From the 1st October the club night sessions will be run slightly differently due to the use of floodlights. Instead of paying 30p for the balls all players will be asked to pay £1.00 to cover the use of balls and floodlights. There will be no other charges on the night. The floodlights will still need to be controlled by tokens but if you use a token then please note it in the signing in book and the token/tokens you use will be refunded to you by Maggie Warren. We must insist that all members pay before they go on the courts for their first match and if this gets abused then the committee will have no alternative but to consider a different format. Please sign in the book so that we can see how well the sessions are being supported. We are also setting up a text system so that we can let people know if other members are going to be at the evening sessions, we understand that it is annoying to turn up and find no one else there so if you have a mobile and enjoy social evening sessions then please contact Andy or Martin.

Court Booking

As from the 1st October there will be a booking system operating for the two floodlit courts. Please ensure that you only book 1½hrs at a time and all players must be listed in the book. Please do not block book several weeks at a time as this is not fair to other members as the courts are restricted due to club nights and matches.


The men's A and B teams have successfully held their own in the summer leagues, unfortunately all three ladies leagues have been relegated. We are running two mixed doubles teams and one men's doubles team during the winter.

Tesco Sport

The club will be collecting Tesco vouchers for sports equipment; there is a box in the clubhouse if you would like to donate your vouchers to the club.


Congratulations to the winners of this year's music quiz. They were:-

Our thanks go to Ian and Viv Macrae for organising this quiz. We believe it has made a profit in the region of £250.