BLTC Newsletter: Spring 2015


Chairman's Report

A warm welcome to you all for the 2015 season. I hope that each of you will find something in the activities of the club to fulfill the ambitions of your membership.

The club facilities were given a boost at the beginning of last summer with the resurfacing of courts 1 & 2. This process occurs approximately every 10 years, and is the major periodic expenditure from our membership subscriptions. We trust you have found the result to be worthwhile. In the meantime the pavilion remains in good condition, and we look to all members to keep it clean and tidy for the benefit of everyone.

Walkway access to our club was disrupted a little through the last year, as the rugby club carried out major improvements to their own facilities with the construction of a new clubhouse. This followed a period when the bowls club had carried out the construction of new brick perimeter wall. Each of these developments are positive signs for the general use of Bredon’s sports and recreation facilities, of which we are a key part.

We continue to work with the Parish Council to maintain and extend our lease for the tennis club, to ensure we have a playing facility for long into the future. Playing tennis is what the club is here for, at whatever level of the game that you wish to be involved.

The club competes in the Gloucestershire LTA winter and summer leagues, and you can read of their playing fortunes elsewhere in this Newsletter. Social tennis sessions are a key part of our weekly events programme, and continue to provide regular group play for non- league tennis.

The internal winter knockout tournament, occasional one-day competitions and a newly established ladder all provide opportunity to keep a competitive edge to your game.

The club continues to benefit from a coaching programme operated by our head coach John Chidlow. The junior age ranges are especially well catered for during both term time and school holiday periods, and it is good to see young players progressing through the grades under John’s guidance. Coaching is, of course, also available to adults wishing to start the game or to improve their skill levels.

My thanks once again go to members who have given time and effort to make the club what it is. These are all volunteer activities, and the success of the club is a tribute to those efforts. Do please let anyone on your committee know if you would like to help out in any way.

The AGM in April is a chance to reflect on the past year, and to make plans for the next. I encourage you to come along and participate, meet other members, and take part in the draw for Wimbledon tickets.

Secretary's Report

Firstly, thank you to Linda who was at the helm for twenty years and passed the position on in ship shape condition - I fear I have hit an iceberg or two in the intervening months! Secondly, thank you to the resident committee members who have shown extreme patience and fortitude in answering the many questions I have had, and explained many intricacies previously unknown to me – join the committee and you too will learn these mysteries!

Membership figures for the 2014/15 season show an overall increase of 9 from the previous season. The Adult and Concession figures combined show a slight increase by 2 from 69 to 71, whilst the Junior sections combined have increased by 12 from 91 to 103. Total combined membership of 174. Those mathematicians amongst you will have noticed that these sums do not add up (remember the icebergs!). This is due to the introduction of a new Database programme which includes the honorary members (5) in the membership numbers, whereas the old one did not, although they were included “manually” for year end reporting.

The committee met several times during the year and devoted time to a wide range of topics including on-going maintenance (never ending), LTA issues (more and more demanding), coaching (now only for BLTC members on our courts), rubber edged mats (health and safety), the introduction of electronic bank transfer payment for Membership fees and how to eradicate that persistent enemy Mares Tail, to name a few. Unfortunately, the issues concerning a new lease remain unresolved, despite the best efforts and many many hours of time that Malcolm and Carolyn have dedicated to this – massive thanks is owed to them.

The draw for Wimbledon tickets will, as usual, take place at the AGM.

REMEMBER! You are only eligible to take part if you are a registered British Tennis Member (BTM) who has chosen to “Opt-in” (you have to be aged 9+). New legislation from the LTA means that it is no longer mandatory to either attend (or send apologies) to the AGM, or to have renewed your membership by the date of the AGM to be included in the draw. However, it would be much appreciated if you could renew your membership a.s.a.p. It is hoped that the newly added electronic bank transfer method of payment will make things easier for all concerned. Thank you.


Treasurer's Report

The Club's financial position continues to be healthy.

Our income for the year has been consistent with the previous year, courts 1 & 2 were resurfaced and we've provided for future maintenance in a sinking fund. Discussions with Parish Council in relation to the new lease are still on-going – despite the best efforts of the Committee. The challenge for the future is, as always, to increase membership and attendance at club sessions to ensure that we continue to maintain the excellent facilities that we all enjoy.

Full details of the financial position will be presented at the AGM.


Thank you to all the members that have continued to attend coaching throughout the winter months – we certainly did have some cold snaps! With this continued support I have now added two New Tennis Coaches into the JFC-TENNIS team, these being Liam Gough and Beth Excell.

I would like take this opportunity to say a big well done to all that took part in our recent tennis tournament

Look out for the up-coming Easter Camps which start on 30th April & also the Summer Term sessions starting on 20th April 2015. Forms can all be downloaded from


Team Reports

Ladies Summer League

The ladies enjoyed some tough opposition this season with the “A” team playing in Division 2B. We won 2, drew 5 and lost 5 matches. The majority of the matches were played by the 4 named players but unfortunately as we finished 2nd from bottom we may be demoted for the 2015 season to Division 3.

Following the “B” teams promotion last season they faced some tough opposition winning 1 match, drawing 5 and losing 4, they also finished 2nd from bottom and so will be going back into division 5 for the 2015 season. We all enjoyed some good social evenings following the matches and I would like to thank all the players for taking part in the leagues matches and for providing some good suppers for the social time after each of the matches. If anyone would like to play league tennis please make yourselves known to me so that I can send you the fixture list once it is agreed. Remember it is the taking part that counts not just the winning although that obviously gives us all a welcome boost.

Men’s A Team Division 3A

The Men’s A team won Division 3 of the Gloucestershire Summer League after a keenly contested series of matches in which no team was significantly better than the rest. It was very close. Bredon won their last match 3-1 against Bourton, thereby pushing Gotherington and Bourton into second and third place respectively. Over the years Bredon’s mens teams have been runners up on several occasions, but as far as I can remember this is the first time any team has won a division for 15 years. The engraving on the cup indicates that Bredon last won Division 3 back in 1988. Seven people played for the team: Andy Gray, Dan Sutherland Anthony Hickling, Tommy Spry, Martin Sime Stuart Hutchinson and Tim Troughton. Despite having to use as many as ten different pairings players managed to adapt well enough to achieve a total of 29 points with everyone making significant contributions. Next season we aim to keep Division 2 status which is normally within our comfort zone. With some promising players coming through prospects are good.

Mens B Team Division 5B

After relegation from Division 4B in the previous year, the team squad was expanded in 2014, with 9 different players competing through the 10-match schedule. This gave the team a boost to performance, and resulted in an improved set of results. An even spread of 4 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses saw the team finish at mid table and ready to face another season at this level. Thanks to all who played, and we look forward to a stronger set of results in 2015.

My thanks to all those who played in the summer and winter leagues. Team practice continues on a Saturday morning so please contact Carol Smith on 01684 295303 or Andy Gray on 01452 725165 if you wish to play in any of the teams.

Club Tournament

The 2015 Tournament finals were held on Saturday 15th March. The results were as follows:

  • Men's Doubles: Matthew Sime & Martin Sime beat Andy Gray & Chris Richardson Hutchison (6-3, 6-3)
  • up to here
  • Ladies' Doubles: Nila More & Caroline Hodge beat Rosemary Holland & Barbara Stevens (6-2, 6-4)
  • Mixed Doubles: Martin Sime & Nila More beat Dan Sutherland & Carole Bankes (6-2, 6-2)
  • The winners will be presented with their trophies after the AGM

    American Tournament and Social Events

    On 5th September we once again held the Colin Smith Memorial American Tournament. This is an open tournament held in Memory of Colin a previous Chairman and team player of the Tennis Club. This year for the first time ever we actually had the same number of male and female players (20) which meant that no male player had to wear a skirt and change his name as has happened in the previous two years with Martin becoming Martina and Nigel (Tim) becoming Nigella. We also had two non members join us. The weather was just right and all matches were played competitively but in a friendly manner!! The overall winners of the tournament were Stuart Hutchison beating Matt Cartwright and for the ladies Carole Bankes beating Nila More. The cup was presented to be shared between Stuart and Carole until next years tournament. The members all contributed food to the table and a great BBQ was cooked by Roger Dobbs again and this was enjoyed by all. £125 was raised half of which went to The British Heart Foundation and half to the Tennis Club.

    Wimbledon Draw

    Please be aware the LTA has changed the ticket distribution and payment process. Winning members will be sent an email or letter from the LTA confirming their ticket allocation. This email/letter will direct the winning member to purchase their tickets via the LTA website or by phone. The winning member will have 14 days from the day the ticket was assigned to them and they were notified to make payment. This letter/email will also give the winning member the opportunity to decline the offer of tickets. If the payment deadline is missed or the tickets declined our Ballot Administrator will be notified by the LTA and the tickets re-allocated to the next winning member determined by the AGM draw. Tickets will be dispatched, late May, directly to the purchaser by the LTA.