2015 Summer League Fixtures and Results

This page gives the final positions and results for the Bredon teams playing in the Dunlop Gloucestershire Tennis League in 2015. The results were last updated on Wednesday 16th September. Congratulations to the Men's B-Team who are promoted to Division 4 and commiserations to the A-Team who will play their tennis in Division 3 in 2016. The Ladies A-Team finished the season in 4th place in Division 2A and retain their place in Division 2 for 2016 season. The Ladies B-Team also secured a healthy 4th place in Division 4A and will play their tennis in Division 4 for 2016. Please scroll down to see fixture lists and detailed results for each team.

Team Played W D L U RC Points
Men's A 12 1 3 8 0 0 14
Men's B 12 9 2 1 0 0 38
Ladies' A 12 5 3 4 0 0 24
Ladies' B 12 6 3 3 0 0 26

W, D, and L indicate a match which was won, drawn, and lost respectively. U shows an unfinished match, and P postponement. RC (red card) denotes points deducted for cancelling matches. The score is the number of rubbers (best of three sets) won by each team. There are four rubbers per match, and each rubber won gives the team one point. In the tables below, the Bredon score is always given first, regardless of whether the match was home (H) or away (A).

Men's A Team — Division 2B

Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Hill and Valley A Thu.16/04/201518:30 0–4L
Hill and Valley H Wed.29/04/201518:30 2–2D
Oxtalls B H Wed.13/05/201518:30 1–3L
Redmarley B H Wed.03/06/201518:30 1–3L
Cam and Dursley H Tue.09/06/201518:30 0–4L
Remarley B A Fri.12/06/201518:30 0–4L
Riverside LTC A Thu.25/06/201518:30 2–2D
Nailsworth A A Tue.30/06/201518:30 1–3L
Riverside LTC H Wed.15/07/201518:30 4–1W
Nailsworth A H Wed.22/07/201518:30 2–2D
Oxstalls B A Thu.30/07/201518:30 1–3L
Cam and Dursley H Wed.12/08/201518:30 0–4L

Men's B Team — Division 5A

Team H/A Day Date Start Result
EDF Energy B H Wed.22/04/201518:30 3–1W
Taynton and Tibberton H Wed.06/05/201518:30 2–2D
Bourton Vale B A Tue.12/05/201518:30 4–0W
EDF Energy B A Wed.20/05/201518:30 3–1W
Cheltenham Civil Service E H Wed.27/05/201518:30 2–2D
Bourton Vale B H Wed.17/06/201518:30 4–0W
Oxstalls D A Mon.22/06/201518:30 3–1W
Minchinhampton C H Wed.01/07/201518:30 4–0W
Taynton and Tibberton A Fri.10/07/201518:30 1–3L
Minchinhampton C A Thu.30/07/201518:30 4–0W
Oxstalls D H Wed.05/08/201518:30 4–0W
Cheltenham Civil Service E A Wed.26/08/201518:30 4–0W

Ladies' A Team — Division 2A

Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Upton St Leonards A H Wed.15/04/201518:30 1–3L
Twyning A H Mon.20/04/201518:30 2–2D
Beckford B A Tue.28/04/201518:30 1–3L
Taynton and Tibberton A H Mon.11/05/201518:30 3–1W
Upton St Leonards A A Thu.21/05/201518:15 3–1W
Cheltenham College A A Tue.26/05/201518:15 3–1W
East Glos. D H Mon.01/06/201518:30 2–2D
Beckford B H Mon.15/06/201518:30 3–1W
East Glos D A Fri.19/06/201518:30 0–4L
Taynton and Tibberton A A Fri.26/06/201518:30 2–2D
Cheltenham College A H Mon.06/07/201518:30 0–4L
Twyning A A Mon.27/07/201518:30 4–0W

Ladies' B Team — Division 4A

Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Twyning B H Mon.13/04/201518:30 3–1W
Lydney B H Mon.27/04/201518:00 1–3L
Painswick E A Mon.11/05/201518:30 2–2D
Taynton and Tibberton B H Mon.18/05/201518:30 3–1W
Cheltenham College C A Wed.27/05/201518:15 1–3L
Aston Ingham A Mon.01/06/201518:15 2–2D
Taynton and Tibberton B A Mon.08/06/201518:15 3–1W
Lydney B A Tue.16/06/201518:30 2–2D
Cheltenham College C H Mon.22/06/201518:30 3–1W
Aston Ingham H Mon.13/07/201518:30 0–4L
Painswick E H Mon.20/07/201518:30 3–1W
Twyning B A Fri.31/07/201518:30 3–1W