2016 Summer League Fixtures and Results

This page provides details of the fixtures and results for the Bredon teams playing in the Dunlop Gloucestershire Tennis League in 2016.

Team Played W D L U RC Points
Men's A 12 4 8 0 0 0 30
Men's B 10 9 1 0 0 0 32
Men's C 10 5 2 3 0 0 23
Ladies' A 10 5 3 2 0 0 26
Ladies' B 10 1 7 2 0 0 17

W, D, and L indicate a match which was won, drawn, and lost respectively. U shows an unfinished match, and P postponement. RC (red card) denotes points deducted for cancelling matches. The score is the number of rubbers (best of three sets) won by each team. There are four rubbers per match, and each rubber won gives the team one point. In the tables below, the Bredon score is always given first, regardless of whether the match was home (H) or away (A).

Men's A Team — Division 2A Promoted to Div 1

Team Captain — Anthony Hickling

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Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Painswick C H Wed.25/05/201618:30 3–1W
EDF Energy A A Thur.02/06/201618:30 4–0W
Cirencester C H Wed.15/06/201618:30 2–2D
Lydney A H Wed.22/06/201618:30 2–2D
Minchinhampton A A Mon.27/06/201618:30 2–2D
East Glos D A Fri.01/07/201618:30 2–2D
Painswick C A Mon.04/07/201618:30 2–2D
Cirencester C A Fri.08/07/201618:30 2–2D
Minchinhampton A H Wed.13/07/201618:30 2–2D
Lydney A A Fri.22/07/201618:30 3–1W
East Glos D H Wed.27/07/201618:30 2–2D
EDF Energy A H Wed.03/08/201618:30 4–0W

Men's B Team — Division 4A Champions 2016

Team Captain — Matthew Cartwright

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Team H/A Day Date Start Result
East Glos F H Wed.20/04/201618:30 4–0W
Painswick E H Wed.04/05/201618:30 4–0W
East Glos F A Wed.01/06/201618:30 3–1W
Nailsworth B A Tue.07/06/201618:30 3–1W
Cheltenham Civil Service D A Wed.15/06/201618:30 4–0W
Gotherington A H Wed.29/06/201618:30 3–1W
Nailsworth B H Fri.08/07/201618:30 3–1W
Cheltenham Civil Service D H Wed.20/07/201618:30 3–1W
Painswick E A Fri.22/07/201618:30 2–2D
Gotherington A A Tue.26/07/201618:30 3–1W

Match Reports

Bredon B v East Glos F 20 April 2016

On a perfect evening for tennis and under new captaincy, Bredon B started their campaign with an excellent performance and 4-0 win over an experienced East Glos Team.

Bredon B v Painswick E 4 May 2016

The B-Team followed up their good start to the season with a hard fought win over a strong Painswick Team that came down from Division 3 last year. Chris Richardson and Tim Staples won both matches in straight sets, whilst Rob Ralph & Matt Cartwright needed a championship tie break in the second rubber to confirm a 4-0 home win.

Bredon B v East Glos F 1 June 2016

On an overcast evening with the threat of rain ever present Bredon B contested their first away game of the season against a strengthened East Glos team on their clay surface. The first rubbers were shared 1-1 with Tim & Chris winning and Matt & Rob being edged on theirs. The 2nd rubbers both went to Bredon to gain an important away win. The B-Team now face 2 tough away fixtures in 8 days, away at Nailsworth and Cheltenham CS.

Bredon B v Nailsworth B 6 June 2016

On an incredibly humid and hot evening, the B-Team travelled to Nailsworth, where they have historically struggled to get a result. The first rubbers both lasted nearly 2 hours and Malcolm & Tim S won 6-3 7-5 whilst Dan & Rob won 7-6 4-6 and 10-8 in a championship tiebreak. The second rubbers were shared with Dan & Rob winning 6-3 6-4 and Malcolm & Tim S being edged in a close match 5-7 6-7. A great away result with another tough away game next week to come.

Bredon B v Cheltenham Civil Service D 14 June 2016

On a wet and rain delayed evening, Bredon B managed to complete their away match and avoid the possibility of a rescheduled fixture. It was worth the wait as the team chalked up an impressive 4-0 victory. Dan & Matt winning 6-2 6-3 & 6-4 6-2 and Malcolm & Tim T winning 6-4 6-4 & 6-0 6-2.

Bredon B v Gotherington A 29th June 2016

On a sunny evening after the day's rain, Bredon B entertained Gotherington A who were playing their tennis in League 2 last year. A competitive match with long rallies and championship tie-breaks eventually went the way of Bredon. Winning the first two rubbers, Malcolm & Tim T wrapped up the win by proving too consistent for their opponents and demonstating some cat like reactions in the process. Matt & Tim S were edged in a close final game to give Bredon a valuable 3-1 home win.

Bredon B v Nailsworth B 8th July

On a sunny evening Bredon B entertained a strong Nailsworth team. After the first round of matches the score was 1-1 with Malcolm & Tim winning theirs, whilst a slow start cost Rob & Matt the first match. Bredon stepped up in the 2nd rubbers winning both. Malcolm & Tim in straight sets and Rob & Matt courtesy of a 10-0 championship tie-break win!

Bredon B v Cheltenham CS D 13th July

On a sunny but breezy evening Bredon B faced up to second place Chelt CS. Matt & Rob were on sparkling form for the first rubber winning 6-2 6-1 before Tim and Chris has completed their first set. They did complete the first set via a tiebreak and then wrapped up the 2nd set 6-2. After the wait between games Matt & Rob couldn't find their form and too many errors handed a rubber to CCS whilst Chris & Tim won their 2nd match 6-1 6-0. The win means the B-Team are promoted and need only 2 points more to claim the league title.

Bredon B v Painswick 15h July

The B-Team faced their 2nd game in 3 days with an away trip to Painswick. A much stronger Painswick team pushed the B-Team all the way, but in the end a 2-2 draw was the right result. The 2pts gained was enough to secure the Div4a Title for the B-Team.

Bredon B v Gotherington A 26 July 2016

The last game of the season for the B-Team was a trip to local side Gotherington. A great match played in great spritis saw the B-Team secure a 3-1 win to remain unbeaten during the season.

The B-Team have now finished their season and played 10, won 9 and drawn 1. They secured the Div4a Title with a game to spare. Well played to all those who supported the team during the season and others who came and watched the team.

Men's C Team — Division 6B

Team Captain — Glenn Saphin

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Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Lydney C A Fri.08/04/201618:30 0–4L
Lydney C H Fri.15/04/201618:30 1–3L
Redmarley D H Fri.29/04/201618:30 2–2D
Gotherington B H Fri.13/05/201618:30 4–0W
Tetbury Dolphins H Fri.20/05/201618:30 3–1W
Gotherington B A Tue.24/05/2016 18:30 3–1W
Painswick F H Fri.03/06/201618:30 2–2D
Tetbury Dolphins A Fri. 10/06/201618:30 4–0W
Redmarley D A Mon.20/06/201618:30 4–0W
Painswick F A Fri.29/07/201618:30 0–4L

Match Reports

Bredon C v Lydney C 8 April 2016

The opening away game for Bredon C was a severe test with a strong Lydney team who came down from Division 5 in 2015. Although well battled, Bredon C lost 0-4 but the chance for revenge would come the following week.

Bredon C v Lydney 15 April 2016

On a wet and windy night, that produced some excellent tennis, Bredon C lost 2 championship tie breaks which tipped the tie in favour of Lydney. A close match played in good spirits which could have easily gone the way of the home team.

Bredon C v Redmarley D 29 April 2016

A chilly but dry evening of close competition resulted in a 2-2 draw, but came close to yielding the newly established C team's first win. As the sun set the on court drama increased when a home team player took a tumble, but he was soon back on his feet and serving up a strong response.

Bredon C v Gotherington B 13 May 2016

Malcolm & Tim T delivered another solid performance to gain a quick win, they had quite a wait as Tim S steadied the boat while he and Glenn battled through a very close two sets to gain the second win. Malcolm & Tim T continued to dominate, but after a commendable effort the opposition had to retire to an injury. Tim S and Glenn had another long first set and came through 7-5, then gained momentum to close out the final set of a long but rewarding evening for the C's first win of the season.

Bredon C v Tetbury Dolphins B 20th May 2016

The Dynamic Duo that is Malcolm & TimT took the first rubber 6-3 & 6-1 and not to be out done the "youngsters" Phil and Glenn also delivered a 6-3, 6-1 win. The Duo then continued to deliver another solid 2 & 2 win, which was influenced by some wisdom recently gained from Simon's adult coaching sessions. The final rubber involved many close fought games with the visitors eventually coming out on top with a 4 & 4 win. Congrat's to Phil on his first league victory."

Bredon C v Gotherington B 24th May 2016

Even though it was the second match in four days, the evergreen Dynamic Duo (Malcolm & Tim T) enjoyed a strong start to the sunny evening and won 6-0 6-1. The "youngsters" Phil and Glenn found the opponents strong presence at the net a challenge and lost 6-2 6-2. Then Phil and Glenn established a game plan for their second rubber and put Bredon C ahead with a 6-4 6-3 win. The final rubber was a close battle, Malcolm and Tim T were all square at 4-6 6-4, but their consistent play prevailed and they won the tie break 10-8.

Bredon C v Painswick F 3rd June 2016

A hard fought 2-2 draw against Painswick was a fair result overall. Malcolm and Tim maintained their 100% partnership winning both rubbers but Bob and Glenn were edged out in their matches which produced some good tennis which just went the way of the visitors.

Bredon C v Tetbury Dolphins 10th June 2016

A long away trip with the ever present threat of rain didn't deter the C from gaining a vital 4-0 away win at Tetbury. Evergreen duo of Tim and Malcolm chalking up another win and Phil & Bob getting their first double away from home.

Bredon C v Redmarley D 20 June

Another well earned win of 4-0 for the C-Team. With many individual games running to deuce scorelines, the determined persistence of Bredon pairs paid off. Tim & Malcolm extended their unbeaten run, whilst Bob & Tom played effective tactics against lively opposition to get the win.

Bredon C v Painswick F 29 July

It wasn't to be for the C-Team as Painswick took advantage of the wet conditions and home advantage to win all rubbers. Bob & Manu lost a close championship tie-break which would have seen Bredon gain a point.

The Men's C-Team is now finished and the final outcomes of the remaining games saw them narrowly miss out on promotion but finish a credible 3rd in their first season. Well done and thank you to those who committed to playing and those who watched and supported.

Ladies A Team — Division 2A - Promoted to Div 1

Team Captain — Nila More

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Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Hill & Valley A A Thu.14/04/201618:30 1–3L
Taynton & Tibberton A H Mon.25/04/201618:30 3–1W
Redmarley H Mon.09/05/201618:30 4–0W
Nailsworth B A Fri.13/05/201618:30 2–2D
Upton St Leonards A A Thu.02/06/201618:30 4–0W
Taynton & Tibberton A A Fri.10/06/201618:30 2–2D
Redmarley A Thu.07/07/201618:30 1–3L
Hill & Valley A H Mon.18/07/201618:30 2–2D
Upton St Leonards A H Mon.25/07/201618:30 4–0W
Nailsworth B H Mon.01/08/201618:30 3–1W

The Ladies A finished the season with a strong 3-1 home win versus Nailsworth. This win was sufficient to see the A-Team promoted to Div 1 for 2017 and may be enough to clinch the title. This depends on how Redmarley finish the season. Well played to everyone in the A Team.

Ladies' B Team — Division 4A

Team Captain — Carol Smith

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Team H/A Day Date Start Result
East Glos E A Fri.13/05/201618:30 2–2D
Charlton Kings H Mon.23/05/201618:30 2–2D
East Glos E H Mon.06/06/201618:30 2–2D
Oxstalls C H Mon.13/06/201618:30 2–2D
Frampton B A Thu.23/06/201618:30 0–4L
Painswick E H Mon.27/06/201618:30 2–2D
Frampton B H Mon.11/07/201618:30 2–2D
Charlton Kings A Wed.20/07/201618:30 0–4L
Painswick E A Mon.25/07/201618:30 3–1W
Oxstalls C A Wed.10/08/201618:30 2–2D

Match Reports

Bredon B v Charlton Kings 23rd May 2016

Bredon B entertained Charlton Kings in the second match of the summer league on a gloriously warm summers evening. Helen & Viv started well in the first rubber but the Charlton Kings pair fought back to pinch the first set and then wrapped up the second. Claire & Judy claimed a comfortable first set, but Charlton Kings hit back to win the 2nd, although Bredon prevailed in the championship tie-break. The second rubbers went one each, with Claire and Judy winning 6-3, 6-3 and Viv and Helen succumbing 1-6, 3-6 to to the away A pair.

Bredon B v East Glos E 6th June 2016

Bredon B travelled to East Glos on a reasonable night for tennis. The home side had local advantage playing on their clay courts, but Bredon battled to a good 2-2 draw. Claire & Carolyn winning their rubbers with Helen C & Helen M being edged in their games.

Bredon B v Oxstalls C 13th June 2016

Another match, another draw. A well played game ended 2-2 rubbers each with Jackie and Judy proving too strong for their opponents and Fiona & Claire losing 2 close games with some good tennis played.

Bredon B v Frampton B 23 June 2016

Bredon B travelled to the runaway league leaders Frampton B. Frampton demonstrated why they hold a good lead at the top of the table with a strong performance to gain a home win. Judy & Jackie nearly grabbed a deserved point for the B but lost a championship tie-break meaning the B left empty handed.

Bredon B v Painswick 27 June 2016

Another draw for the Ladies B Team. Claire & Carol winning 6-1, 6-0 & 6-1, 6-2. Claire and Fiona being narrowly edged by 4-6, 2-6 & 3-6 0-6 despite lots of long rallies and good hitting by all concerned.

Bredon B v Frampton 11 July 2016

Ladies B could only field two players tonight but that did not deter them and they managed to get a draw meaning they were the only team to stop Frampton winning a match this season. Claire and Rosemary won 3-6, 6-3, 1-0 and 6-3, 6-3. Well done ladies a great draw.

Bredon B v Painswick 25 July 2016

Great win for the B-Team tonight at Painswick. Anne and Nicky played well in their first match for the 'B' team. The third set, a championship tiebreak could haven gone either way but they were determined and despite being 9-8 down in the tiebreak they kept fighting and won it 11-9 to give us a 7-5, 2-6, 0-1 win. Glad they both enjoyed the challenge and we look forward to them both playing again.

Bredon B v Oxstalls C 10 August 2016

A 2-2 draw away at Oxstalls was sufficient for Ladies B to retain their place in Div4a for next season. Carol & Claire winning their matches and Anne & Nicky losing two close matches where the artificial clay surface gave the edge to the home team.