2017/18 Winter Mixed League Fixtures and Results

This page gives the fixtures and results for the Bredon teams playing in the Gloucestershire Mixed Winter Floodlit League in 2017/18. The results are detailed below. Scroll down to see fixture lists and detailed results for each team, or use the links in the table below to jump straight to a team of your choice.

Team Played W D L U Points
Bredon A 12 2 1 9 0 70
Bredon B 10 4 2 4 0 78

There are eight sets per match (two pairs each playing two sets against both opposition pairs) and each set won gives the team two points. W, D, and L indicate a match which was won, drawn, and lost respectively. In the tables below, the Bredon score is always given first, regardless of whether the match was home (H) or away (A).

Bredon A Team — Division 2

Team Captain — Nila More

Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Beckford A Mon H06/10/201719:00 12–4W
Redmarley A Wed A11/10/201718:30 6–10L
Cirencester B Wed H18/10/201719:00 6–10L
Cam & Dursley B Fri H03/11/201719:00 6–10L
Redmarley A Wed H08/11/201718:30 10–6W
Painswick B Fri H17/11/201719:00 2–14L
East Glos B Tue A28/11/201719:00 0–16L
Cirencester B Fri A08/12/201718:30 6–10L
East Glos B* Fri H13/12/201719:00 2–14L
Cam & Dursley B Wed A03/01/201818:30 6–10L
Painswick B Wed A10/01/201819:00 6–10L
Beckford A Mon A29/01/201819:00 8–8D

Bredon B Team — Division 5

Team Captain — Carol Smith

Team H/A Day Date Start Result
Lydney A Tue A26/09/201719:00 10–6W
Painswick D Wed A04/10/201719:00 12–4W
Lydney A Wed H11/10/201719:00 8–8D
Bourton Vale B Mon A16/10/201718:30 2–14L
Painswick D Wed H01/11/201719:00 2–14L
Bourton Vale B Wed H15/11/201719:00 6–10L
Nailsworth B Fri H24/11/201719:00 14–2W
Cirencester D Fri H29/11/201719:00 10–6W
Nailsworth B Tue A16/01/201819:00 8–8D
Cirencester D Fri A26/01/201818:30 6–10L